Hey there, welcome to my blog! I’m Kim and I’ve created this blog mainly as a way to begin sharing my writing with the world. I’m also not 100% sure what I’m doing right now, so please bear with me…

I’ve been writing fiction stories since I was quite young, but like many others who set out to write a novel, I could never seem to finish the stories I’d started or just got bored with them. Then as a senior in high school, I took the One Year Adventure Novel course. Ah ha! I finally figured out what I was missing. I had no plot. Or I had a loose plot, but not enough substance to hold it together. The curriculum taught me how to structure a story and create characters that were more realistic and interesting.

Ever since then, I began to get more passionate about my writing, with the goal of publishing independently one day. Other things got in the way for a while, like college, but now I am back at it in full force. Currently, I am in the middle of editing a YA/NA contemporary manuscript that will hopefully be my first release in the near future!

So thanks for reading. Please follow if you are interested in staying connected. I promise to try and keep things interesting!  You can also find out more about me and why I decided the call my page The Story Farm Girl Here 🙂


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