Let’s Try This Again…and Mid-Year Resolutions


Okay, here we go again. I had planned on starting blogging around this time last summer. I launched this site and made an intro post of sorts…and then that was it. Stuff happened I guess (eh, probably more like I got lazy and decided to watch too many dumb YouTube videos instead of writing, but… :p) and I didn’t keep up with it.

But, it’s 2018 now, and it’s time to give it another go. Back in January, I made a resolution that 2018 was going to be the year that “writing things get done.” I was going to get serious about improving my craft and such. So here we are now, about halfway through 2018. How is that going you may ask? Well yes, I have made some writing progress, but not quite as much as I would have liked to.

Oh well, you just have to keep moving forward, right? It is only July, there is plenty of time left yet this year to accomplish things. I have established two main writing goals for the rest of this year. Whether anyone reads this or not, hopefully publishing these goals publicly will at least help me stay accountable 😉


Goal #1- Restart my Blog and Write There Regularly

     Yep. Well, by writing this post I’m already making progress on this. Yay! Little victories! What is my purpose for doing this? For one thing, I hope to write content that others enjoy reading and will hopefully help brighten someone’s day. For another, just to write more, and get better at it. After all, that is how you get better at anything- by doing it.

Recently I have also become rather self-conscious about sharing my work with other people. I used to like reading things I wrote to others. What changed? Maybe because I had received some harsh (but constructive) criticism in the past. Perhaps because what I’ve been writing now is more raw and meaningful than it was before. If you write, I’m sure you’ve been there and understand the struggle on some level.

If I want to publish my work, I need to get over it. I have to be able to accept criticism in order to improve. I have to put it out there. Putting content out on this platform is a step in the right direction. I’m aiming to post once a week. Okay, in regards to letting people read my work- on to my next and final writing goal for this year.


black and blue plastic pen non top of black covered notebook
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Goal #2- Get my Current Manuscript to a Professional Editor

     As of right now, I’ve been working on “Hazel’s Story” for a little over two years. I’m almost done with the second draft, and this draft comes in at around 67,500 words, phew!  I want to do one more round of edits myself, then it’s time for the all-important outside opinions. I would like to be sending this project off by the end of the year.

I do not plan to try to publish traditionally. I’ve been researching the ins and outs of independent publishing for several years, and that is the route I’m choosing. There are a lot of different options out there nowadays. It certainly has its set of challenges, but I want to experience it. I’m interested in the entrepreneurial side of things almost as much as the actual writing.

That being said, I will be working with others (editors, cover designers, etc.) to make sure my work is the best it can be before launching it.  To get this puppy presentable, I need to buckle down and write and do it every single day. Even if it’s just ten or twenty minutes, something is better than nothing.

Well, that is about it for this post. It is super nice outside, and I should get out of the house for a while. Oh and also need to do other fun things like laundry. Ugh, not… haha! Hope you stick around for more, I will try my best to make it enjoyable and worth your time 🙂

~ Kim